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DOBC is a world of Blockchain in almost all sorts of business activities from banking & finance, insurance to assurance, compliance to governance, health to entertainment and many more.... 

CEO's Message

Blockchain is a beautiful technology, we at DanOwa seeing blockchain to be useful in all types and sorts of businesses, 
DanOwa Blockchain (DOBC), is a state-of-art platform to build
blockchain for your businesses, all organizations whether big
or small will soon realize it's importantance.....

Blockchaining an organization is like removing extra layers from 
from your organization, thus making it more efficient and effective.


A game we know how to play

We at DOBC are experienced with Blockchain from several years, it's about practical and execution not just theories.


It's not about just money

There is a general impression that blockchain is bitcoin, it's wrong as bitcoin is just a very small portion of blockchain. We at DOBC looking after much larger portion not just bitcoins.


An integrated team

Finance, consultancy, banking, insurance, trade and manufacturing and he list goes on, a team of experts with hands on experience and expertise.


Global Reach

From Silicon Valley to the beautiful Island of Bahrain

DOBC vision is the global reach to Blochainize the business irrespective of the geographical location 
of the organization, whether you are a local company
or a multinational with several offices in the world, we add great value to your organization....


Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance is one of the key areas where DOBC can play an important role to create an advance level of authentication and validation AML, KYC...


Trade & Services

DOBC is meant to avoid duplication of work, hence can great value to the whole supply chain of the trade or services...



DOBC transforming VAT/GST/Corporate or Income Taxes etc to the level never thought earlier...



Insurance whether Life or General, DOBC has an ability by using Smart Contracts... 


Audit & Assurance

DOBC changing the way audit or assurance services are being performed either by Big4 or the rest...


Investments & Savings

People or organizations keen to save money and do investments, DOBC using Crowd-Secured Venture Capital Funds...


Mining & Quarry

DOBC is changing how the minning or quarrying are performed in the world by using Blockchain technology...


Gold & Diamond

One of the most challenging tasks in Gold and Diamond industry is the authenticate the reliability from the source to customers, DOBC...


Hotel & Tourism

DOBC changing the whole spectrum of Hotel & Tourism industry by Blockchain, thus making it more cost effective and enjoyable...



By making the results fully transparent & publically accessible, DOBC could bring accountibility to the elections or any other kind of poll taking...



DOBC from Farms to the Warehouses, either a batch or standard production capacity of a manufacturing units, can safe huge funds and resources...



Today's farmers challenge to the ability to sale the crops to the market where there is a demand, DOBC assisting farmers to overcome those shortfalls...



DOBC changing the environment of high cost low standards of the telecommunication facilities...


Mortgage or Home Financing

Home Mortgage is a HUGE challenge for most of the people in the world, we are DOBC transforming it to be more agile and robust with lower cost...


Land or Automobile Registration

DOBC standardizing land/auto title deeds more transparent and accurate rather repeated processes and more cost, ending corruption...



Bitcoins, poineers of Crypto-Currency thus making a new digital way of making money paperless, DOBC is not behind in this regime...



DOBC assisting Hypermarts to efficiently use resources and reducing burden on supplychain, reducing the cost ultimately...



Medical records of the patients, prescriptions, new borns and even expiries, DOBC transforming the whole health industry by applying blockchain...



DOBC covering the royalty, trade marks and patents of music records etc using blockchain...


Cloud Computing & Cyber Security

Increasing trends in cyber crime and data breach is becoming more and more challenging, DOBC by blockchain over comes this challenge...

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